Alex Metcalfe Round 7 British 4x Series

Posted in: Nurishment Active Blog by Nurishment Active on 24 September 2014

Nurishment Active

Leamington spa round 7 and the final round of the British 4x series! Sun, blue skies and one hell of a fast track!

But my weekend didn't start with the usual track and gate practice session on the Saturday! Rugby season started on the Saturday along with working commitments, getting out of work at 1 in the morning, getting as much sleep as possible along with sleeping on the way to the track and the finally getting some practice!

Training up to this race had been slightly different, I worked on my drive and sprints with rugby training, gym 3 times a week and as much time on my bike as possible!

But Sunday was race day, race face on, time to get things done! Heats were stacked! With a lot of riders out, it was harder, fewer faster riders!

But we lined up and took to the track like a bat out of hell! Racing was real close and tight all day long! In the mottos I took and 2nd and two 1st which lead me nicely into the A main final with second pick of the gate!

Although with 3 other fast riders on the gate I chose to go gate 3 leaving the fastest 2 riders to battle it out in the inside and take some pressure off myself! Gate dropped! And I must say I left my best gate till the last race of the season! I came out of the gate and came straight over but was battled out of the inside, as I lined up for a move on the second to last corner my back wheel almost washed out! But I kept up straight and pushed to jump the pro-line and finish 2nd.