Alex Metcalfe: World Championships 2013!

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23 hours, 976 miles (maybe more) and so much UK garage you wouldn't believe! My first trip abroad brought me to Leogang, Austria. What an experience it was, taking the Maxim Rasta bike along with new Rubena tyres and tubes to hit up European scene and see how they would handle and they did not let down. However, I must say I have never appreciated the support I get from my parents as much until they weren’t there.

World Championships - Leogang, Austria 2013

With a full week ahead, my plan was to recover Monday and ride all week. With a bad weather session on the track Tuesday's plans got changed around a little during the afternoon session. I came up short on one of the main double jumps leaving me with a visit to the team physio and ice on my ankle for a couple days.

Official practice on Thursday came quicker than expected and with no time to waste I was back on the bike and back hitting the track hard! Couldn’t have asked for better weather and with maintenance being done on the track mid week it was riding better and faster than ever, I had the inside lines dialled and was really happy.

Going into Friday practice saw me having a big off over the first pro double. My bike slipped from under me on the take off throwing me down the landing, I managed to unclip one foot mid air but the other dragged me down, I got up straight away with no injuries just a few scratches a broken gear cable and feeling very lucky.

After my little shake up and practice it was qualifying time; new pedals in place, stronger tubes and the right mind set, I went out of the gate but straight away unclipped, messing up my first straight. I got straight back on it and smashed the rest of the track, with a 46 second run and qualifying in 24th I felt amazing.

First heat put me in the middle of two Australians, not a fun position to be in but I did not let them get the better of me even though I was pushed out wide so the other rider could cut back in on me. I kept my cool, got on the pedals and made an inside move into the corner before the pro line and stuck 2ndplace all the way down the finish line.

Heat 2 brought one of the hardest heats possible, out of the gate I was pushed back straight away so decided to dive inside on all the riders unfortunately my move was not liked by the other rides and I was caught up and hit the floor, getting back up straight away I made my way to the finish line to find I did achieve 3rd place.

Overall I finished 22nd in my first world championship race representing Great Britain! This whole trip has been an amazing experience and hopefully will push me to do overseas racers next year. A massive thanks for the support off Maxim Bikes, Rubena Tyres and Nurishment Active, and another thanks for the support off Uberbike components and Static Clothing.

Finally one last thank you to Katy Kurd and Jake Ireland for putting up with me and taking me to Austria, really enjoyed the trip and all the banter, made a great riding family out there. Thanks guys!