British 4X Series Round 3 with Alex Metcalfe

Posted in: Nurishment Active Blog by Nurishment Active on 22 July 2014

Nurishment Active

Due to round 3 and 4 at Bridgenorth being postponed due to a waterlogged field, round 3 ended up bringing us to the sunny side of Gloucestershire for some high speed 4X racing! Redhill has one of the most treacherous first 2 corners in the country! Deciding what line could have been critical to what position you finished in, or even staying on the bike.

I took a more relaxed approached to the race weekend, after such a bad start to a season, over thinking can lead to mistakes and with such a great crowd of local people at Redhill it was a lot easier to have fun.

Saturday practice went great; back wheel was all sorted after bending it at fort William, choosing my Rubena Kratos Tyre as the forecast was looking good all weekend and the tyre is great for grip in the dry along with speed!

Sunday started off with a crash in practice, I hit my shin pretty hard on the way down, not quite sure what on, but a quick trip to the medics saw me icing it every spare second I had. But I still soldiered on into the mottos! With a little fine tuning on my Marzocchi forks I was ready to go! And boy did I go; first race saw some great action in the first corner, which I avoided to take the lead and the win. Second motto I was cut across the first straight and put into second. 3rd motto from an outside gate managed a really good snap and came across, with a little slip on the second turn I managed to stay on all the way to the line! So far the best start to a race day I’ve had all season.

7 riders got dropped going into the semis, neither semi looked easy, but I was in a good mind set! Gate 2, not the best snap but I pushed hard down the first straight and went for a move in the second corner that I pulled off but something didn’t agree with me and before I knew it the bike was up in the air and I was on the floor. Not the way I had planned it at all.

B final saw still some fast riders and again a great race, last out of the gate, 3rd into the second corner then a rider went down in front of me but I managed to get out of the way and get to the finish line in second. Finishing 6th overall.

A better race of the season but look forward to round 4 and 5 at bridge north!

Thanks to all the support!