British 4X Series: Round 2- Afan, Wales

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British 4X Series
Round 2- Afan, Wales


Forecast? Rain, rain with a little bit more rain!
Actual weather? Warm and windy, but dry as a bone!

Afan in Wales brings us a worlds standard track with a corkscrew bridge, 30 meter rock garden and a set of pro doubles as long as 35 foot! Not to be taken lightly!

This weekend racing took place on the Saturday so after a long 5 hours on the road we rocked up on Friday ready to practice!

This track is very rocky but slippery in places, but the Rubena Kratos did their job perfectly! Long physically demanding tracks such as this are the hardest; making sure every run is bang on, no mistakes but still having the leg power that lasts all the way down to the bottom!

On the plus side, the whole bike park facilities are flawless, heated pods to bunk room or statics, no matter what your budget, Afan caters for all and after a beautiful cooked meal it was off to hit up some single track before bed!

The weather Saturday stayed nice throughout the day but the wind picked up, this put a lot of people off the pro straight, but I was confident today!

Gates where on form and I had my lines set in my head!

First race, first win! Kept my cool from the second I left the gate to the finish line, leading the whole way!

The second race had a full gate of top riders in and being on the inside wasnít the best line here, but I gated hard and had to ride a bit of off camper track into the first corner and somehow got out without crashing and lead to the line.
3rd race saw me take a strong lead but ease up into the last corner not quite getting the speed and drop to 2nd over the line, still a great position to be in going into the semi finals!

Gate 3 in the semi, had such a good day so far I came out the gate strong and went 3 riders abreast into the first corner with only 2 coming out, myself included! But the sprint in 2nd was on, over the bridge and under the cork screw I lost my footing on my clip pedal and dropped to 3rd, not being able to get the foot back in I had to settle for the B final and the battle for the last spot on the podium!

Final time! Gate 2! Its hard to understand from just reading this report, but anyone of the top 8 elite riders, myself included could have won, so even the B final was going to be tough! Snapped out of the gate and battled into the first corner, showed my strength, made sure no mistakes happened, hit the rocks as fast as possible, smooth over the pro doubles, even in the strong winds and sailed over the line for the win and 5th overall!

Had a lot of problems with this track in the past so it means a lot to me this results and I canít thank my sponsors enough!

Orange Bikes
Oneal clothing
Nurishment Active
Mitas Tyres
Fiveten UK

See you in 2 weeks in Germany!!!