Peatys Steel City & Forest of Dean

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Peatys Steel City
Forest Of Dean Downhill Weekend

During the week or so where the pro category confirmation emails for Peatys steel city downhill hadnít gone out (and I thought I hadnít got in) I thought it would be good to stay busy and enter my first downhill race in 8 years at FOD, however after entering and getting my email for steel city I decided to do both!

Saturday was such an amazing event, loads of spectators, riders and banter! I managed 2 practice runs, but with it being a local track I felt quite good on it regardless, even on a bike I hadnít rode before, the new orange four, I loved every second of it, wasnít expecting the 20 foot scaffolding hill but it made for a great start.

My first race run, did and didnít go to plan, I planned to go down as fast as I had been practicing, didnít plan to go as fast as I did and made one mistake near the bottom and settled into 12th! Safe to say I couldnít breathe, stop coughing or even walk after the effort I put into that run!

I didnít improve on my time in the second run and dropped into 13th, out of 20 elite riders I was really happy and defiantly underestimated the competition but look forward to trying my luck next year!
Sunday! Before I start, I am not a downhill rider! I could not quite get the hang of racing against a clock having grown up in BMX and 4x and being used to riders around me pushing me, so I was ridiculously nervous for this run! Orange however had politely lent me the 324 downhill bike to see me through the day!

After my one crash of the day in my first run I really felt like I had to learn how to ride a bike again, changing my body position toward the back of the bike instead of the front and really leaning over into corners.

Couldnít believe my luck in the first run, caught the rider up that set off before me! Couldnít get passed and finished on a 1 minute 26, had so time to make up! After looking at some lines with good friend Davi Roberts who came to support, even though I couldnít practice them I just went for it in my second run, nailed the first line change but missed the second and crossed the line 3 seconds faster than my first run with a 1 minute 23, 29th out of 55 senior riders.

I know to some people the results may look quite moderate or not that impressive, but this weekend was all about getting out on a different bike and really changing it up and even though I was worried about embarrassing myself id like to think I did myself proud and I hope all the support can see that! You guys are awesome; donít know where I would be without you!

Orange Bikes, Nurishment Active, Oneal Clothing, Mitas Tyres, Fiveten UK and the newly added JEJAMES Cycles!

Thanks Guys!
Alex Metcalfe